Bad Thoughts

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Well shit

So I spent most of today suffering a Fuckoff headache that was more the result of an oncoming storm that did not come in a blue police call box.

Only one person who reads this will get that joke. Maybe two. Feel special.

So let's recap:

  • My plan to have fun was curtailed by a Storm Migraine
  • Friendo returned home to discover one of their cats needs an expensive operation
  • Capt S skidded out on gravel and rear-ended into a tree, wrecking their car.

What a fan-firkin-tastic start to the new gorram year. Oh, and let's not forget:

  • The Muppet has attempted to de-escalate from a nuclear war with North Korea by bragging on twitter about how big and frightening his red button is.

Yyyyeah. This man should not be in charge of a popsicle stand. He could not sell popcorn to moviegoers. That thing actually happened. And people still let him allegedly run a country.

And now, I shall attempt to look at the bright side of these things that have got me down:

  • At least I got to listen to loads of The Adventure Zone
  • Friendo has funding to pay for said operation without missing out on food
  • Capt S survived said crash and, though things will be tough for a while, will pull things together

And bonus:

  • Every other article about the Muppet is about how he's going to get impeached, soon.

I have to focus on the good things. Mayhem will be going back for his traineeship. Chaos is adjusting well to the new rules of the house. And after I firkin realise that I'm having a Storm Migraine, all I need is a couple of panadol and it's gone.

Trouble with that last one is that it takes a few hours to realise this. Especially when I've changed to my spares. Especially when I have one-more-episode-itus with The Adventure Zone.

Today is another Cleaning Day. And I need money for this week, and I might as well go fetch something fresh for us all to nom because I have been H-O-P-E-L-E-S-S with cooking for a minimum of half a week.

Something low-effort and simple, methinks. Something set and forget. Or something like a five-minute fry-up. No stress.

I think I need no stress.