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Challenge #02190-E361: Unreachable

What if someone was trying to get information out of someone else by threatening them, but the second person was just too positive. For example:

"I'll cut off your leg."

"Yes! I can get a peg leg!" -- Anon Guest

Violence can solve some things - like how to stop a racist in one easy step. What it can't do is defeat someone with the correct amount of optimism.

They called him Fearless Harry, and the enemy who captured him were beginning to see why. It was certainly not because his name was Harolson.

"Well, you can' get information out of me when I'm dead, can you? You need me alive and able to talk. So all those threats about dental treatment, tongue removal and outright murder aren't real threats."

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Well shit

So I spent most of today suffering a Fuckoff headache that was more the result of an oncoming storm that did not come in a blue police call box.

Only one person who reads this will get that joke. Maybe two. Feel special.

So let's recap:

  • My plan to have fun was curtailed by a Storm Migraine
  • Friendo returned home to discover one of their cats needs an expensive operation
  • Capt S skidded out on gravel and rear-ended into a tree, wrecking
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