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Challenge #02019-E195: Lost and Found in Space

Wait, what happens to the poor guy in space in “Show Me the Way...”???

Does he find his way home or does he make space into his new home? I’m so curious now. -- Anon Guest

[AN: The prompt throws back to this story for those who don't want to go on an archive crawl]

Personal journal: Stardate... I don't even know by now. Everyone has a different way of counting and the standard year is something I can't even figure out. These folks have pretty much given up on keeping me away from shit, and now I have some of the basic gear. In this case, it's an information thing. These folks have given up on phones and have gone for tablets.

Well. Sort of tablets. These ones are bendy and can be used to just like... read your arm. And they take dictation so you can fart around and write your journal at the same time. Hearing my own voice has helped me stay sane. Well. More sane than I should be by now.

Likewise, learning some of the lingo has helped. I'm no expert by a long shot, but people aren't critiquing my handle of GalStand Simple any more.

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Challenge #01979-E155: The Horror

We've all done it. Yelled at the screen when the 'new guys' did something to an old favourite. -- Knitnan

"They made a movie out of Sigh of the Wind!"

Kam looked at his nerd sister. "And you want me to go see it with you."

"Well... camouflage. I don't want some neckbeard mansplaining my favourite novel series to me for the entire film." Jen shrugged. Women were always challenged on their knowledge of Sigh of the Wind despite being the target

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