Accidentally Rude

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Challenge #02572-G015: Inappropriate Topic

It has been lingering in my mind for a while. Every waking moment it come across my mind. I feel like I’m gonna get my ass beaten if I say it out loud. But why my crew mates look like anthropomorphic animals?!? -- Anon Guest

There are times when it seems like the Universe was made by a lazy creator. The truth might seem stranger than that fiction. Convergent evolution means that beings suitable to a specific gravity and a specific purpose means that they will wind up looking very similar indeed. Caninoids look like dogs, Felinoids resemble cats, the variety amongst avian life forms is astonishing and yet, so very, very similar to known birds. It goes on and on.

Only Humans are rude enough to point this out. "Is it me, or is this entire station like a Furry Convention or something?"

Gortz spent a moment glaring at Human Diz. "As I recall, your -ah- cult of the Furry features cartoonish features including enlarged heads and emphasized eyes. Such is not the case in reality."

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