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America is going to eat itself

…and possibly take most of the world with it.

Just because I haven’t been contributing to the OWS threads, lately, doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping track of things.

One thing I’ve learned from the patterns of history is this: If a nation does not stop itself from an impending fall, it will plummet all the way to the bottom and then some. Especially if it’s been warned by everybody and

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So I thought about illustrating things to folks...

Y'know, with paperclips, since I have so darn many of them. One box of paperclips would represent percentages of the population and the other box would represent percentages of wealth.

Everyone’s pretty divided. The 99%, the 53%, the 1%. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to divide this up.

1% I know has 45% of the wealth.

9% also has 45% of the wealth.

The remaining 10% is divided somewhere between the 53% who are

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