Sunday, No Streams

I enjoyed most of the show, yesterday. We all went to see Spamalot and... yeah. It wouldn't be Monty Python if it didn't contain something to offend everyone. Same with taking the joke WAAAYYY too long. It's the style and I could deal with most of it.

Beloved wasn't impressed with that and I can understand it.

But a fun day was had by most and I got lots of kisses and cuddles in and that will have to do.

Not like I can afford to give her much more than that. I am taking a break and taking my ease. And firkin making time to do my stretchies dangit.

I need those to function.

And speaking of functioning...

Chapter Count: Working on Ch 344 of the "brief side trip" that's now heading towards TWO GORRAM YEARS in the making. The one book to get the plot kittens to calm down is currently a quadrilogy and may yet become a pentology.

And I don't have nearly as many plotlines as A Song of Ice and Fire.

Stretchies now. Story later.