Sunday, Day Zero, FUDGE!

Two more cases taking the total count up to eleven. Darnit. Still imports, still detected in quarantine. Still having the risk of One Karen to Ruin it All. Sigh.

I messed up two batches of fudge by getting the order wrong. You're supposed to heat up the condensed milk with the butter and then add the shredded chocolate. Doing it the other way around made it turn gritty and look unappealing, but it's still eatable fudge at the end of the day.

Note for anyone using high-cocoa dark chocolate - ADD SWEETENER! Trust me on this. The stuff I have is only tolerable in small doses. Whoops.

The stuff I'm making for Crimbolio will definitely contain sweeter chocolate than that lot. Yeeps.

It's still good fudge, but still.

In personal news, I watched some KILLER animation come out of Toastyglow's magical hands this morning and I am so very, very tired.

I'm staying away from the headlines again. I'm making myself sad enough with the Terrible Tiefling Tale I'm writing. Yes, it's a new one. Yes, I'm dragging my boy Kosh through all of his trauma in one sitting. Yes, it's probably therapeutic, but I'm also making myself cry and it's emotionally exhausting.

One day, I'll actually finish the first thing I started writing. Ye gods and little fishes, I am procrastination incarnate.