Sunday, Day 0, Stream Day

Two new cases, both imports. Thirteen total and eleven in hospital. I just watched Toasty do their arting and am looking forward to hearing Tale Foundry read some stories. In between then and now, I am committing literature for your enjoyment and mine.

I should hope you enjoy my nonsense.

In the news:

  • Melbourne's syphilis outbreak is now above the fold
  • China stealth invading Bhutan
  • Billionaire calls Aussie bosses "parasites" for allowing workers to work from home. Maybe look in a mirror to call someone a parasite, mate
  • Epstein's guards lied about checking on him
  • More royal nonsense
  • China threatens to buy iron ore from Brazil in order to punish Australia. Bet it's going to be as successful as not buying our lobsters

Onwards to the nonsense.