Sunday, Day 0, SLOTH 2

Another case from outside, but the active case count holds stable at 5. Sigh. The sooner the vaccine stops the disease from being a hazard, the better. Fingers crossed it works against the UK, African, and Californian variants.

Otherwise we will have MORE years of living under rocks and whatnot. BLARGH.

Nothing big planned for today. I might put aside global domination to terrify villagers today. Depends on what sleep I can capture.

I am operating on four hours' slumber and I have no idea how well that's going to go.

In the News:

  • Aussies expected to spend big once the borders open. IF borders open
  • Which is apparently crazy, according to economists
  • It's going to be SEVEN YEARS before things return to what was once normal, according to some math
  • More are going to die of the plague in the US despite any best efforts now. Expect the Repugnicans to use this as their only talking point
  • Dude wears Nazi armband in Melbourne market. Should have had his teeth knocked out, but he was only photographed
  • WA flooded, but not where it's on fire
  • NSW increases testing in quarantine hotels
  • QAnon Shaman now almost unrecognisable in new mugshot
  • Teenager lucky to be alive after stowing away in airplane landing gear
  • China tells more lies about Australia, hoping to ruin the market of people who come here for an education (and never go back)
  • Further investigation reveals gaps in outbreak quarantine hotel protocol

I have enjoyed Toasty's stream, and now I PLN to write story and then kip.