Sunday, Day 0, Shenanigans

One new case from yesterday, an import. Twenty-eight total cases, twenty-three of those are in hospital. I'm starting to think the ones that are "wild" have recovered to the point where they can chill out in a hotel.

I, meanwhile, am tuned into Toasty's stream and operating on less sleep because a Scammer tried to put one over on MeMum. MeMum's no slouch and asked them a question they'd only know if they were legit. Hem haw oops signal lost. Yay.

What happened next... from what I can gather... Mum tried the old *69 on them and got my number out of it. I found this out when she did the "justice is coming for you for what you did" spiel. And then hung up. Me, just getting back to sleep, ring back to ask what I did. Because Mum can't hear me on the phone when she's talking and this was a speech-and-hangup deal. Air cleared, I sent what I thought were better instructions, only to learn one nap later that the scammers called her landline.

I've also learned it takes me an hour to get over an adrenaline spike. Well, an hour, some Dutch pancakes, and about three episodes of She-Ra Princess of Power :P


I think I'm staying away from the news today. The good news is now MeMum can't be hacked because of Chrome's Day Zero exploits. Now all we have to worry about is the ones who call in and how the FUCK they managed to either remove themselves from the registry or spoof my number. That's some scary beans on both sides.

Anyway. Stream and chill.