Sunday, Day 0, Chaos' Birthmas

One new case, an import. Thirteen total cases, and twelve in the hospital. Still double figures, but smaller double figures than the previous normal. Miss Chaos is sweet sixteen and yet to find someone to love. Let her take her time.

She's already got new clothes of her own choosing, a fresh haircut, a money card[birthday card with cash inside], and a cake awaiting consumption. It's going to be a relatively quiet celebration.

In the news:

  • China's landed a probe on mars
  • The media's building has been bombed in Gaza. Now the war is personal
  • Woman who beheaded her mother is experiencing hell in jail... okay?
  • Joe Biden being called out for giving more than a shit about the details and taking his time to decide. So much worse than ::checks notes:: a sudafed addict who fired everyone who disagreed with him. Yeah
  • iPhone celebrating a new phone that... fits... into... pockets. Wow. Stunning. It's almost like they realised bigger screens don't mean shit if people can't just slide them into any given receptacle

YouTube's had some "adjustments" that stop autoplay when you have adblockers active. Screw you guys, all I have to do is have my playlist ready and press "shuffle" before I press play on any given video on my playlists. Get the message or get ploughed under by the first video hosting arena that doesn't pull this horseshit.

Anyway. I have a story to write for you.