Challenge #03047-H124: Free Time

"Human, you don't need to sleep every night outside of my door. This station is quite safe."

The human, looking upon the galactic while they sat upright in a chair, their lifesuit programmed to hold them in that position even if they fell fast asleep. "Two weeks ago my mother and I were dying dereggers. You saved us, I will protect you." -- Anon Guest

Humans, among many other qualities, are illogical. Those rescued from Deregger space have the worst logic. It's not their fault, they were never taught logical thinking to begin with. What they're used to is an overwhelming conglomerate where profit is the only motive and the individual doesn't matter unless that individual also has billions of dollars.

Human Jef and hir mother had been trying to sneak out in the air vents of Transiteer Gorx's shipping vessel. When Gorx found them, they had been setting off the hold alerts because safety protocols insisted that there were air-breathing lifeforms of sufficient mass in the hold. They had been starving, sick, weak, and terrified of the Havenworlder who found them. Their livesuits barely living up to the name.

Gorx had done what any decent cogniscent would have done. Ze took them into the habitable zone, amped up the life support, sent out a low-urgency distress call, and done what ze could to help their general health until more supplies could arrive by special courier. Both Human Jef and Human Bea had been so astonished by simple things like essential nutrition and free medical care that they swore fealty to Gorx thereafter.

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