So stoked for tonight...

I got my Crit Happens shirt, I got a new dice bag, I got my tablet charged, I got my batteries... I got Mayhem home with the vomits at home because antibiotics kick your arse these days.

Last day of term, and I don't even know if Chaos is going today.

If the kids are at home, I'm still taking a journey out to be sure of victuals for the evening.

That's what passes for a PLN.

I'm gonna be riding the angst train, at least for the beginning of the sesh. I get the feeling our DM is picking on me because I spent so much time 'offscreen' developing my character and investing in the emotional shit.

...that's writers for you. I'm like catnip for the DM.

Third sesh and I'm already doing the crisis of faith. Not to worry. My boy bounces. You can't be a 6'8" Bugbear Cleric for Lathander without the ability to recover some optimism.

...I should add some litanies into the 'prayer book' while I'm at it.

I need to stay focussed on the actual work, today and... yeah. This is happening.