So close...

I really want to be able to start making earrings on Monday. I have a plausible workspace set up. I just need to sort all my beads, findings, and whatnot before tomorrow.

If I can put in a minimum of two hours' work a day on designs, then that means stock in abundance. I know that if I put in too many hours at jewellery, my body pays for it.

I'm in the last stretch of bead sorting. Which means that I've gone through all the assorted beads sent to me by friends and relatives (thank you so much!) and I'm going through the last of my own collection of jewellery I purchased just for disassembly.

Some of my pearl beads have had their pearlescent coating scratched to buggery. I may have to get some bead caps at a later date.

But I have veritable shit tons of firkin beads. I have run out of tiny baggies. I have run out of middle-sized baggies from Officeworks [Fool I thought that 200 would be plenty 9_9 ] I'm going through an entire box of sandwich baggies... which is ridiculous when there are two things in the bag. I'm also keeping one bag of odd beads and one back of broken bits.



There's a lot of weird little charm things out there. Clusters hanging off chains, beads strung up in cages of wire... All sold as pendants. Mine will be guaranteed to be one of a kind, and it's something to do with all the odd bits. When I'm not trying to make some kind of brooch with them, of course.

Then there's these little bauble things with seemingly random shit inside them. You got the 'monocle' version, which is a loop of metal with two glass windows so you can see your scrattle. And you have the 'christmas ornament' ones that are little bubbles of glass or plastic. I've also seen charms made with those tiny little bottles you can get. And since I can actually lay my hands on the tiny bottles, I'll nab me some of them.

Later. Much, much later.

For now, I'm focussing on dangly bling for ladies who don't have holes in their earlobes. Or anyone who wants to try earrings before they commit to piercings. If you want them for pierced ears, I'll have to charge commission prices.

I'm gonna get there. It's hay, hell, or high water time.