Challenge #01223-C128: Known Behavioural Patterns

:[Name] thinks while hiding and sneaking with new-found allies from and around old enemies:

[Name] started a mental drinking game for the disgusted comments about how this was not running a search pattern, and the amount of things it couldn’t find, but gave up when they realized they’d mentally gotten alcohol poisoning. -- RecklessPrudence

This had to be the biggest collection of obligatory stupid guards and bad base planning since someone let a three-year-old play Fortress Defence Jr. Jain had already stopped cataloguing their rookie mistakes into a drinking game after she had mentally given herself alcohol poisoning.

"It's going to be easy. Why are you waiting?" Karol had long since stopped whispering. The guards were evidently blind and deaf.

"Because," said Jain, "There has to be a catch. Nothing is this easy."

"They're Havenworlders, they don't know any better. Remember how the prison was made out of sugar?"

"Yes, but they're also Havenworlders who tried to keep humans prisoner. Either they're that stupid... or this is some kind of strategy."

Meanwhile, in the Faa'ree fortress...

"What's taking them so long?" whined the chief.

"According to all our reports, they should have already stolen that deadly artefact."

"How hard is it to get a human to pick up a weapon of mass destruction?"

Tol'tol, watching the humans by remote, sighed. "Do you think we made it too obvious?"

K'kal looked around at the "No Humans" pictograms and the assorted hazard signs, the arrows with skulls pointing in the direction of the artefact, the imposing-looking doors and other means by which any idiot would know that this was the place were all the cool stuff was... and shook hir head. "No. Not really. I think we may have fallen on the subtle side."

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