Saturday, Day 0, Shenanigans

Plague news: Three new cases??? Again??? There's twelve total active cases, nine of them are in hospital. For a moment, I thought the information was looping from yesterday. Australia's at 89% first vax, 79.6% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 79% first vax, 66% fully vaxxed. We're getting there.

Time zones are promising to make my weekends "interesting". I have to start D&D an hour earlier so my story hour on Monday mornings is happening at 4AM because FUCK going to sleep for two hours, I just can't. Better that I spend an hour prepping the next stream and organising some shit than trying to sleep.

I shall sleep after the stream and story post and rearrange my life after that ball of nonsense. Odds are, I'll actually be tired by then. If not, there's always HTP-5.

Life is weird over here.

In the news:

  • Australia told to butt out of Cleo Smith's life, half of Australia mad about it
  • Bill Gates says plague situation only the beginning. Well, get on top of it, moneybags
  • Unvaxxed sports star goes on a rant after testing positive to the plague. He's still antivax, the idiot
  • Cleo's 'alleged' abductor moved to high-security prison, media going nuts about his doll collection
  • Greta Thunberg justifiably angry at world leaders for collectively sticking their thumbs up their butts
  • New plague surges could lead to more plague deaths says WHO
  • Stalker used dating apps to find victims
  • Some fuckwit shot up a beach at Cancun
  • Recruitment crisis leads to higher wages
  • Political stunts backfire
  • Pfizer has a Plague Pill, in that they have a pill to help beat the plague. In conjunction with a HIV medication
  • New plague hotspot in the Northern Territory
  • Tasmania and Victoria get to see Aurora Australis

And now I go to TaleSpire and add all the sidekicks to the voids in all the unplayed boards because player attendance failure is happening again.

At least the RP opportunities give me more time to build the next campaigns' boards.

I'm up to plotting a RIVER, just in case anyone's interested. I'd really love it if TaleSpire let us have different water zones...