Saturday, Day 0, PLNs?

Plague News: One new case, an import. According to our Premiere, we have one local that's being investigated. There's twenty-one total active cases, of which nineteen are in hospital.

Beloved's getting her piercings checked today and I am bodyguard. Yay. I'm getting paid in sushi tonight so I'm happy.

My other plans include: nothing, and enjoying that. I will not fret about making output for the interwebs, just in PURE SLOTH. Nyahah. Sloth and carbs.

In the news:

  • Health officer utters the phrase, "new world order" and a million conspiracy nuts punch the air
  • Biden's fed up with the antivax crowd
  • Knomira fired for coughing on customers. "Who could have foreseen that my actions would have consequences?"
  • Aussie vax certificates can be forged -_-
  • Fuckwit stabs a woman with a syringe full of his own semen. WTFF
  • Learning institutions continue to police the way women dress but claim they can't enforce mask-wearing
  • Mum with the plague takes kids on a train
  • Small business owner hacked by scammer

And now, the bit you actually want.