Saturday, Day 0, Excursion

Four new cases, all imports. Today is day nineteen without local transmission. There's eighteen active cases, and fourteen in hospital. Four are therefore "free" in a hotel until their quarantine ends.

In "Bad Air Day" news, constant doses on my nebuliser (Max) have finally shifted some encrusted mucous from the bronchi. On the plus side, I can breathe more. On the minus side, gross.

On the super minus side, this dipshit has to go out into the wilderness to fetch kitty fodder [Important!] and some treat noms for me [sanity is a factor] and maybe some extra stuff for nibbles during the week. I need to eat. Which part of the supply run gets featured on Your Votes at Work. I think I'll do the cat supplies. My fuzzy little beasties have a lot of appeal. So say I.

In the news:

  • Plague breaks out in Western Australia
  • Right wing continue to cry about "cancel culture"
  • Aussie Grandad continues to claim he's Charles' illegitimate kid
  • Melbourne couple kept a slave! Charming
  • Another man sent to jail for "stealthing" - removing the condom during sex
  • One of the Bay City Rollers has passed on
  • Battle over who invented Chicken Parm continues on Wikipedia
  • China ticked off that Australia won't support its belt and road
  • Even more panic buying before lockdown... cheese Marie...

I shall write a fiction and consider my PLNs with Beloved. It may or may not include a bottles&cans run for a spot of extra dosh.