Saturday, Day 0, Crimbolio PLNs

Plague news: Four new cases, two of each. There's nineteen total active cases, fourteen of them are in hospital. Australia's at 90% first vax, 82% fully vaxxed. Queensland is lagging in the rear at 81% first vax, and 69% fully vaxxed.

We're making PLN's for the festive season. When or if I'm ferrying MeMum somewhere on the day. Also we shall be stocking up on supplies so I can minimise potential exposure to The Little Drummer Boy.

Once you've heard the Whiny Country Ballad Version by a bad impersonator of Willie Nelson, you will never be able to un-hear it -_-

Shopping for Crimbolio leaves scars.

I don't have a lot of budget this year because:

  • We owe Mr Tax Man
  • The water heater imploded
  • The yard needs a tactical nuke
  • The cat needs DENTAL WORK
  • And it all happens at once. Of firkin COURSE

I have officially run out of money I got in from my writing, so it's extra spare. At least if we're traveling to rellos we don't need to fret too hard about supplying noms. Just presents.

Probably won't be writing a lot today. Walking a lot, yes. Writing a lot nooooo...


I mean, I did accidentally write 3K+ in some fun fiction yesterday. The day is young and I get bored easily.

In the news:

  • Star of The Project comes out of hiding to praise the vaccine for saving him from the Plague
  • Millionaire who went to space with William Shatner died. It's not related to the space trip though
  • Woman hit it big on Crypto
  • Austria locking down the unvaxxed. It's for their own good
  • Stop Eating This Or You'll Get Cancer Episode 2 305 497...
  • Julian Assange allowed to marry his fiancee
  • "But you look so healthy" woman diagnosed with fatal lung cancer way too late. Proof that "haha girls" can be fatal
  • Lobster at Aldi for $29
  • Surge of funnelwebs
  • The wild weather shall continue

Story now. Shopping later. Maybe some fun fic in-between.