Pupil-Free Day

The kids have a short week, this week, because the Governments like to have paperwork, but not giving teachers time to actually do any of it.

I have to do a money run, of course, and thanks to paying for our tax financials, I'm not sure if I have the money to survive this week. If I don't, I'm just getting the cash to pay for the cleaners and that will be that.

I've squeaked through cashless times before. Hell, I've frisked the couch just to have enough to pay for my next meal. I can deal with this.

However, if y'all want to drop me the price of a coffee, you can pop over here and do that. Every little bit helps me have nice things.

We have enough to eat. Yay. So in theory, I won't need to spend money much this week. Which is great because I pretty much wiped out all my spare cash last week.

Meanwhile, I'm working on things until the time ticks around to the moment when the actual hour in which the mall is open enough for me to get to the ATM.

Casual reminder that ATMs exist so that people can have access to their cash whenever they need it. Even at 3AM when everywhere is shut.

Yes, I know more places/people accept card use, but I made a life decision to operate on cash only because exclusive card use makes me spend money like it was water. This way, I can at least save a little for my planned rainy day.

Beloved owes me in excess of $500 because I was the only one who even had money when the tax bill came in. They also owe me $4K because of a completely different "pay you back later" bail-out. When my ship comes in, I am definitely getting my currently gaseous lappy.

::sings:: Someday, my ship will come..

Sigh. Someday. Tomorrow. Later. Everything good needs patience.