Challenge #02111-E288: Rusty Heroism

You used to be the leader of a legendary squad of heroes who banished a great darkness from the world, your reward the blessing of agelessness should you be needed to vanquish future foes that may arise... and now the time has come where you’re needed again, as the once-banished darkness has risen from his arcane slumber a dozen centuries later.

The catch is that now all of you work in normal, 9 to 5 jobs at retail and such, well adjusted to ordinary life, because secretly being ancient legendary heroes doesn’t exactly guarantee a steady paycheck.

Gonna be interesting figuring a way for your team to covertly thwart the villainous machinations of the Black Bone King when your wizard is puzzling out a way to avoid getting stuck covering for that slacker Dave on nightshift for the third time in a row, and your healer is having a devil of a time getting a babysitter on short notice so close to the holiday weekend... -- Anon Guest

Saving the day comes with fame, but not fortune. Back in the day, there was such a thing as guaranteed employment and bosses who could understand that you had an emergency and had to dash off without notice. These days? Forget about it.

Immortality sucks, sometimes. One of those factors is remembering what it was like two or three generations ago. Up until the eighties, someone could literally walk into a workplace straight from an educational establishment and get a job that would last until retirement. Another one of those factors is being yelled at for being a lazy millennial by someone you used to babysit. By and large, though, the most annoying factor of immortality has to be explaining that you used to be a hero. Mistress Magnificence, aka Molly Mandragon, has long since given up on explaining that to anyone. She's long since given up on explaining anything to anyone.

Let alone explaining to a boss who understaffs and overworks by routine that 'a day off' means exactly that. So once her employers' diatribe is done, Molly sighs and says, "Yeah, no. I literally can't. I'm tied up in other things."

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