Let's Have a Whole Weekend

My fic-less Saturday lasted for pretty much most of it. Then I got a prompt at chapter 17 of Tumbl Into TAZ and now I have more stuff to keep track of. Whee!

I have another fanfic prompt via Tumblr, so I'll be messing around with that today rather than getting on with any given one of my in-progress fics or the other ideas I have in my Plot Kittens File

I'm also going to begin tracking what I'm eating because my weight is doing weird things. Hopefully, I'll be able to nail down something.

It's probably something like me not eating enough and my bod doing the smarty-pants thing and putting on more weight. Human bodies are arseholes.

I'll see. I have an app on my phone and all I have to do is remember to jot everything I consume down. Every coffee, every tea, every steak, and every serving of green fry.

I've fried up a bunch of wombok, sugarloaf, and celery, and that will be my approved fibre for a while. Well. The bits of it that aren't turned into Bubble & Squeak with mashed cauliflower instead of potato.

I have to have some of that today. Maybe help clean out the pipes a little bit. Maybe portion some up and turn other portions into the aforementioned portable snackage.

I have a lot of nothing to do, so I'd best get on with it.