Good news: A tablet of Melatonin helped me sleep for most of the night and I approach today with a much better energy level.

Bad news: I'm still gaining a little bit of weight.

BUT that should change soon, because I'm monitoring my intake and making certain that I get the proper balance of macros. With some help on the supply side from Beloved because I have $10 that isn't already spoken for.

Fingers crossed it works, and that something else naughty or nasty isn't going on on the sidelines.

I'm going through Adapting at the rate of five chapters per diem, and summarising the important points as I go. I should be done with that in a few weeks. Maybe less.

Meanwhile, even my own family won't read my novels. Sigh. I can't afford to pay people to read this during the Alpha stage, and getting them published involves making sure I got all the mistakes cleared away.

I even managed to get a little play time, yesterday. Time for fun. Which I used to start a game of Factorio. 'Cause I'm a NERD. And Factorio is a game designed for nerds who love micromanaging shit for the giggles and progressive complexity.

Here's hoping I can keep up that work/play balance.