Things are going glacial. I have hit a wall.

This wall is all about me versus the edition of Adapting I'm using to create the two-page-max summary of a 120K-word novel. Which sucks ARSE.

The sooner I get to not doing summaries, the happier I shall be. I much prefer elevator pitches. I can do that. Watch:

  • Adapting: Sufficiently advanced technology versus sufficiently mysterious magic.
  • Beauties and the Beastly: British werewolves in paradise.
  • Rael: Technology finds worth as a person.
  • Clockwork Souls: Ghosts in the machine seek to defeat the man who would be god.

That's easier for me and I don't know why. Compressing 120K words into a maximum of two pages worth of story points is... hard.

It's taken me a couple of days so far. And if my Nut Notes were at all coherent, I'd use them. But they're not, so I can't. So boo.

I'm taking the summary in fits and spurts while I fix up the Markdown edition of Adapting because some error in our process caused the line feeds to be wonky. I know how invisible errors can lead to big mistakes down the line, so I'm taking care to make sure at least this doesn't have errors in it.

I can rebuild the others from this if necessary.

But it is throwing off my rhythm. I have something that needs fixing. Something that needs doing. And as a result, it took me all day to get my Instant out, yesterday. My ability to focus on one task is going to shit.

I need to fabricate a new schedule. Do my Instant and blogging duties straight off, and then focus on the novel, and then focus on fixing. And give myself some time to focus on the fun stuff. Because life without fun is merely existing.

I will have my coffee, and then I will get on with today's tale.