With the new iPad and potential for doodling whilst writing again, I had motivation to clean up my office.

So I went from this:

To this:

I'm rather proud of myself.

I've got the whole family walking around the Long Block [roughly 2.5km] And yes, I still have that misspelled "Weird" framed by my desk. It reminds me how NOT to spell it. And I'm still proud to be weird, and that I did a pretty good job on the calligraphy. So ner.

I'm keeping my distracter toys off my desk until I need something to zone out to so my brain can wander off and find an idea. Not that I have a great deal of time for anything, any more.

I'm running three blogs, photo-journalling my cooking, writing a novel, and now I'm working on arts in my (ha!) spare time.

Beloved has not spent all of the Christmas Bonus, I am assured, and we are looking at gigantic rubber containers for our Aquaponics garden. Since they're roughly $160 a pop, I'm guessing we'll only be getting a couple. Along with all the pipes, frames, and other nonse involved in the set-up.

This... is going to be some kind of fun.

Our rowing machine will be arriving sometime in early February [likely the week after next] so I have that long to theoretically un-muck a portion of the house that's big enough to hold it.

Ironically, this thing is the smallest model that they had.

But never fear! I will get myself around the new routine and make gradual progress. Also, there's a person volunteering to clean houses for $25/person/hour which will be very good for keeping things under control

And in other news, Dummins I accidentally gave some personal details to some phishers and now I need a new bank ID and card. Derp.

Just remember, dear readers, that your bank will never ring YOU for personal details. When in doubt, don't give anyone who rings you anything. Ask for a website that you can check out or for an office location. More than likely, a scammer will not comply. Scammers also like to insist that they are not a scam.

Real bankers phoning you up would never use the word 'scam', I am assured.


Well. After I'm done with work, I shall have to make pilgrimage to NAB and get all the new stuff. So everything will be mine again.


So now I really need to get on with it or I'll boil when I finally go out.