There goes our sleep cycle

AN: I forgot to post crap AGAIN?

Thanks to yesterday's workout, day out, and my insistence on playing on an Eliptical, we were exhausted by the time we came home. Sing was... okay. As a feelgood fun flick for the kids, it did its job admirably.

The important point is, pretty much the instant we got home? Beloved and I sacked out until nearly 3AM today. Ideal time for cooking? No! We had to clean the kitchen first, because... damn.

Also: We now have a weekly workout schedule.

Sun: Day of rest
Mon: Gentle exercise (walking)
Tue: Sprints
Wed: Rest
Thu: Gentle exercise
Fri: Gentle exercise
Sat: Resistance training

All this should be happening in the mornings. I can tell you now that Tuesday is not going to be my favourite. The goal, of course, is to build up the less-efficient muscle mass that burns calories even when it's idle, and then maintain it.

I'm glad today's a rest day, though. My thighs do not like me doing anything strenuous. At all. Even things like... getting up. Or... sitting down.

Withings gave me a bum read, today. My weight's down(83 kilos! Wooo!), but my fat is up by unbelievable amounts. I think the bum read is directly related to the fact that I didn't have a small drink before I officially got up. Because of yesterday's adventures, I left my usual water bottle somewhere beyond my reach and recall. And I get dehydrated as I sleep because life-long mouth breather.

So this morning, I drag my dehydrated butt over to the scales and they do what they're supposed to do. Run electricity through my muscles, figure out how much that weighs, weigh me, and call everything else 'fat'.

This doesn't work too well as a scientific method if the subject is dehydrated.

So now I have a fat spike in my permanent record. But I know that's a bad reading. Tomorrow, I should have a water bottle again, and thus get a more normal reading.

Beloved also informs me that the best exercise machine is a rowing machine. You get the most complete work-out with it. I have yet to encounter one in the wild, but when I do, I will be taking note of the price. The more I know, the better off I'll be if one actually turns up. Care of Beloved. And possibly at great expense.

In other news, Beloved is leaving their current place of employ, for a start-up that's nearly identical to the old one. Except minus the dillholes running the place. I expect it will do fantastically well and I still have to protect everyone's identity. Because there are idiots who think employees of a rich company are rich themselves.

Le sigh.