PLNs afoot

Tomorrow, at one in the firkin morning, Toasty is doing an art livestream. This is interesting for me because I'm going to be USELESS on Monday. Which, I might add, is also a grand unfuckening because the cleaners took a holiday this week.

I did initially try to keep the household organised, but the usual entropy has asserted itself because I went down with the lurgi.


It's going to cost me $300 next week and I am not sure whether or not that's going to fit into my budget. I'm already operating at a loss and this is going to hit me hard. So please go to my assorted stores - links in the menu - and buy generously. You can even just shower me in Ko-fi with the link on the top of the page.

Every little bit helps.

Aaaanyway, I'm going to bed early so my Beloved can wake me closer to midnight, and I'm also going out shopping to obtain caffeine so I can stay awake at fuckoff in the morning and watch Toasty draw things.

I plan on writing a very quick story that morrow, and then crashing into bed.

I need a pln for my life.