Play me some Yaketty Sax

Mayhem doesn't have to work today, so that leaves a day-long time window open. Yay! Which of course means that I'm destined for the outskirts of Logan to visit MeMum and sort out her tech nonsense.

I knew I'd have to wake up really early in the AM in order to have my day job done today, so being awake at quarter to four is no big deal for me.

For those of you wondering about the prawns - we did pack them up, but there were a sum total of four little packets of prawns and they were all GONE inside of twenty-four hours. I didn't even get a sniff.

...for all the family claiming they didn't really like prawns, they sure as heck managed to dispose of them pretty quick. Makes me think of snaffling some pre-prepped ones next time I'm in the neighbourhood. Ah well.


I'll be back on my bullshit regular schedule of content, next week. Novel writing and Patreon updates and livestreaming in the wee small hours of Tuesday and Thursday. It really helps to get things together, so I wanna do it more.

When I finally get ahead of my manic podcast schedule, I might even stream the creation of an adventure map. We shall see.

For now? Fresh fiction as always. Hopefully, it'll be something fun.