Passing for normal

My health is back up to baseline. Yay. I can finally stop procrastinating on the things I really should have done days ago.

For instance, I booked my little darlings and I an appointment to get stuck in the arm with a sharp stick. And since it's vaccinate or die when it comes to the flu shots, for me, I choose vaccinate.

Please vaccinate yourself, your little darlings, and push everyone you know to get jabs. It helps protect people like me who literally can't afford to catch whatever's going around, as well as people who are not strong enough to get jabs, like babies, imuno-compromised folks, pregnant people, and anyone else I might be forgetting.

It's not just your health we're worried about, okay?

The appointment's on Friday, so I'm going to be Mx Germaphobe until I get that jab. I most definitely do NOT need to catch 'em all. Especially any other rhinovirus that could get together with my vaccine shot and create something new and deadly.

I research that shit for my own good.

I've had more than my fair share of rhinovirii in my time. They are not fun. The most not fun is when they attack my airways and increase the likelihood of hospitalisation. And yes, I am going to drag Max out of storage and give myself The Works [ventolin plus atrovent plus saline] in order to clear the old airways and breathe easier tonight.

One or two goes with The Works aught to fix up the lingering effects of clinker.

And tomorrow, I get back to walking around the blocks and otherwise attempting to look after my dysfunctional bod.

Fun times ahead.