Challenge #01194-C099: Close Encounter of the Petting Kind -- Gallifreya

The problem was that there were humans on this planet, too. The bigger problem was that there were more of them than there were charges in Braxxyx's stunner.

The only plus side was that the humans didn't know this. Or that the stunner was non-lethal. Humans were dangerous to begin with. They were aggressive if they thought you were deadly.

Do not shoot at humans, they are dangerous when offended.

Braxxyx pointed her stunner at any human who got too close. They kept displaying their phalanges at her. Their songs were not something she could understand, but it might have been an attempt to soothe.

And there were too many to hold off indefinitely. Braxxyx backed into one of them, who immediately reached out... and smoothed her fur with hir phalanges.

Not rough. Not to harm. But gentle and reassuring and oddly pleasant.

More hands joined. Braxxyx leaned into the more soothingly pleasurable caresses, all thoughts of violence escaping her mind. She holstered the stunner and attempted a return caress.

Who knew that humans could communicate with touch?

It was quite the educational encounter. And, after a couple of false starts, lead to trade.

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