Ow ow ow ow ow...

Beloved has a day off Mondays, because working on Saturdays is a thing during the Melbourne Cup wind-up. This, I thought, would be a prime opportunity to get them to adhere to the rest of the house's rules.




Beloved had a great case of persistent inertia and gave me the Irrits. Which culminated in a crescendo of me yelling about all the things that Beloved does to piss me the fuck off.

Good news - cleaning the gritty bits off of the bathroom surfaces is a good way for me to dissipate anger without exploding at anyone else.

Bad news - I retain my initial saltiness regardless of how clean the bathroom is.

Good news - Beloved made the bed and helped with the kids and actually went on a walk. Once around the block is all we can fit in at the moment. But it's better than zero times around nothing.

Further good news - I now have a means, but not a method, of getting Beloved to adhere to the schedule. All I have to do is get them to bed on time.

And Beloved is currently the champion of "I'm not tired, Mummy".

Gonna have to figure out a hot milky drink to bring on somnolence that is also "okay" for Beloved's diabetes and cholesterol.

Me? I'm fine with a cuppa tea. Even with almond milk instead of the regular kind, it's enough to help me unwind all the way to drowsiness.

Any help would be appreciated.

Meanwhile, I have a billion things to do, limited time, and very limited energy. I need all the help I can get.