Challenge #01376-C281: Everything? Everything!

"I'm gonna eat everything!"

"Please don't, we'll be kicked out."

"Everything." -- OohLookShiny

There is just one reaction that newcomers have when entering an Unsuitable Food restaurant. Many newcomers have come from planets founded by people with ideals. Or from planets where entire species failed to flourish. And one human settlement survived with stone-age technology, an extremely limited diet, and ritualistic cannibalism, before the Alliance found them.

Faced with the abundance of all the foods of all the Alliance in every possible, pleasing combination... those newcomers have one sentence in common.

"I want to eat everything," said Ambassador Toni. "I want to try... everything."

"Ambassador, there's two million menu options currently available for your species."

"Everything," insisted Ambassador Toni.

The Giiks are generous cooks, but they know that even a hungering human has their limits. Therefore, they prepare the Everything Sampler with sample sizes in mouthfuls. On spoons specially made for the purpose. Care and attention to detail is spent on making every mouthful a perfect miniature serving of the full-sized dish. Right down to miniature prawns in the Special Fried Rice, and the teeny-tiny sugar skull on the mouthful-sized serving of Death By Chocolate Cake. And of course, there are labels on every spoon, detailing what the sample is.

Guests attempting the Everything Sampler are informed that they are welcomed to continue where they left off. Once they have digested and rested from their previous encounter.

Humans generally make it through five hundred samples at a time. The record-keeper for humans is Ambassador Toni of Brav'nu, who managed five hundred and ten samples before a combination of exhaustion and discomfort stopped him.

The all-species record belongs to Ambassador Ayg, who, after a literal lifetime of Wave of the Future brand Faiize kibble -rationed according to work done- ate the entire platter in one sitting.

Gyiik-run restaurants are the only ones who freely guarantee all you can eat. Others tend to be wary of that offer.

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