Yesterday was bloody exhausting. So much so that I conked out and wound up being awake at one in the morning... writing self-indulgent claptrap.

I wrote so much that I hurt my wrist.

Fucking whoops.

I also have D&D tonight. So I'm in for a long-ass day. A day that includes taking Mayhem to a pre-formal so he can schmooze and show off for one last time with his schoolmates.

At least I don't have to drag his arse to school today. Just this afternoon.

I'll do that by way of Coles and Snack Grabbing, then I'll have to paddle back so that I can be sure Chaos is safely home and then zip back and pick up Mayhem. Yeeps.

I have already had Double Coffee. I can only hope it works.

Fun day. Fun, fun, fun day.