Oofty Goofty

So here's my morning:

  • Lie in bed until my back really complains
  • Attempt to get my work done
  • Trip over Factorio and decide to "just finish" one thing
  • Beloved shows me how to work with factory patterns
  • Whoops, it's time to go get the meat
  • Go fetch half a pig
  • Beloved mislays their wallet, forcing me (over-budget this week) to pay for it out of my hard-saved cashola
  • Promises to pay it back are briefly stalled as Beloved attempts to figure out where the hell their wallet went
  • It was in their bag the whole time.
  • Payment back in cash, plus bonus, quickly spent on veggies and a little treat.

At least I only have to take $40 out of the bank on Monday to pay the cleaners. And then pull my head in for the rest of the week.

We certainly have enough supplies to tide us over until then.

Story time.