One in the Can

I finished up the sound profiles for the very first episode of Inter-Mission. Huzzah. I also recorded five more stories for the next episode.

If I keep up with the average of five stories per episode, with two musical interludes, Mayhem and I are going to have to write some more musics.

Premier album, here we come.

Probably two or more, the way we're going.

Today... my agenda is way more relaxed. I got three more weeks of writing B'Nar before I get a week or two off to just chill and have fun.

I'm 9K words away from the final two. This one has been... difficult. At least with the This is space... nonsense, I know how to start an Amalgam tale and how to begin finishing it. Bookends are cool like that.

I'm going to try and get my tales done ASAP so I can finish more episodes of Oh My Mods, and then maybe line up some more footage etc etc. I did, after all, just learn that I have viewers for that want to watch it.

Let's see how far I get.