One Day of Nothing

After I've done the whole Instant Story thing and the sales shill for this week, I have nothing planned.

That special kind of nothing where you just slouch around in your pajamjams all day and do whatever the fuck you want. Nap, watch horrible tv. Firkin shitpost about your favourite fictional arsehole1 whilst also writing some angstfic. You know. The fun nothing.

Meanwhile, my Beloved didn't come home from work, last night, and I'm officially worried. It's probably a combo of gigantic work SNAFU and napping in the office. Followed, I hope, by a rare day off.

There's plans for a birthday party tomorrow for myself and KIABIL. I have no idea when or where it is because nobody tells me crap. I just know it's happening tomorrow.

I wish I had my Beloved to cuddle, today, but there's still the hope of tomorrow. It'd have to be a MASSIVE clusterfuck to miss the birthversary of their brother.

UPDATE: Beloved sent me a telegram. They're fine. Late night fuckup at the office that went on into the early morning. They crashed there and just recently achieved consciousness.

It's unknown at this point whether or not they're coming home yet.


If I actually had an income, we wouldn't have to put up with this crap so much. And if I want one of those, I should bloody get on with it.

  1. Those of you who follow me on Tumblr already know that that's Taako from The Adventure Zone: Balance Arc.