On the Road Again...

Today, I am working whilst mobile, so my schedule is shot to shit. Assuming I ever had a schedule...

I did wake early (and so did Chaos) so I dotpainted all the red trim on my Tiefling's gi and belt. There's a few little slips that are easily countered by some dotpainting touch-ups. No big deal.

Tomorrow - most likely - I shall journey with my box o' dudes to ask about washes so I can bring up some features.

90% won't even be noticed, but I know it's there.

My goal this morning is to get my Instant done as quick as I can, and then figure out what I'm doing over on my Wordpress for this week.

ALSO... I'm off to the dentist and visiting Chaos' new school, today. Whee. Sometime during all of this, I shall be working on 500 words in KOSBOB.

I may not get anything fun done at all. Boo.

Like... mini painting is relaxing in its own way - when you don't have a cat investigating the washwater, your work, or trying to chew your brush... Writing is a compulsion - I can't not write. Sometimes, I just desire to kick back, do nothing, and firkin enjoy myself.

But that's not happening today because obligations, appointments, and real life.

I have an hour and a half before bus-watching. Let's go.