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Sunday, Running Around, and Still Streaming

As I write these very words, it is approaching ten minutes past two in the morning and I am in the middle of an asthma attack that crept up on me in a really bad way.

To put it in the most interesting way possible: I started my day at one in the morning by googling "feeling like a ghost is taking my pulse on the left of my neck" since three other searches could not find anything unrelated to a heart attack.

That search still couldn't find anything that wasn't a heart attack by the way.

It took me a further hour and some really juicy Death Coughs (tm) to realise that it was 'just' asthma.

I also woke up to the realisation that I forgot to do the Fic o' the Week read yesterday. Mea Culpa. I got hung up on other issues. Including a gag being ruined by me having my mic off for the entire thing. UGH.

As soon as I am done with Max, my pet nebuliser, I shall do my stream and (hopefully) remember to do the missing read.

Wish me the best of luck on that bullshit.

I have the feeling I am going to need it.

I will be a twitchy bean for hours, today. So expect a heckton of typos.

I will not be able to compose a lengthy snark against WOTC, Hasbros, and DnDBeyond for some days yet. If you want the proto rant, tune into my game stream [or the vod] for the inevitable rant with my international nerds.

In other news, we are RUNNING AROUND today. Going to the outer reaches of Tullagawupwup [Aunty Excellence's place] for lunch and then a quick run home so I can sleep for game night and then do all my other things. Yay.

Max is done with me. I'm shaking like a little wet dog.

On the Road Again...

Today, I am working whilst mobile, so my schedule is shot to shit. Assuming I ever had a schedule...

I did wake early (and so did Chaos) so I dotpainted all the red trim on my Tiefling's gi and belt. There's a few little slips that are easily countered by some dotpainting touch-ups. No big deal.

Tomorrow - most likely - I shall journey with my box o' dudes to ask about washes so I can bring up some features.

90% won't

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Running my arse off

Mayhem is a bit crook,so Miss Chaos is going to scenic Coominya to spend some time with her Nanna solo.

The travel arrangements are a teeny bit convoluted, but I will take anything that results in me not being tired off my arse for a lonely drive home.

...which is why I'm writing this blog entry at twenty past four in the morning.

Also because there's bad weather coming and I can feel it in the right side of my face.

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