It's go or woe time, dear readers. Home or bust.

I yearn to hold my little darlings again and I will even let them whinge for a bit before I tell them to clam up.

And dinner will probably be the best box that Maccas can offer. Because HJ's stopped doing family dinner deal. The buggers.

And with all good luck, I can snuggle up to Beloved and get a good, long inhale :3

I will not unpack all my earring nonse until I have unmucked the table. This I so swear.

And since I've already done my 3K for this week, I have all of Friday to install the new order in the house. And keep doing that over the weekend.

I will not give up easily this time. I will be resolute.

And I sincerely hope that Beloved will back me up this time.