Challenge #01274-C179: Stay for the Night

Mundane not-goth modern vampire and her gf -- Gallifreya

Local vampire seeks roommate. Must be clean, non smoker, and be able to pay half the rent. No weirdoes.

Claire read the personal again and blinked to make certain that she hadn't read it wrong. Must be one of the weirder goths who drank blood or did the whole 'children of the night' routine. Claire didn't mind goths. It was almost obligatory because she was one. But then, she went goth because she liked black and had a soft spot for all things vampiric, dark, and dismal.

And the rates were reasonable enough. Decent part of the city and withing trudging distance of work.

Rooming with a "vampire" would be the least of her problems. Claire called the number and promised that she was no weirder than the average nerd. And that was it. She had a new home.

All her important stuff fit in one large suitcase with wheels, which had to get wrestled on and off public transit all the way across town because Claire was too underpaid to ever afford a car in her lifetime, and already too in debt from college to apply for any kind of loan.

At least they weren't threatening to garnish her already low wages, just yet.

When she got to the flat, she found a sunny blonde with a dazzling smile and a blinding taste for rainbows in her wardrobe. And O God, she had a fluffy bird pen.

"I must have the wrong flat," said Claire. "Local vampire seeks roommate?"

"No, that's me," she said, and smiled. It was a lovely smile, only made disturbing by the fact that her canines were far too long to be human. "Actual vampire. I should have known I'd get goths."

"Ah, the goth community frowns on me because I smile once a week," Claire said in a perfect deadpan.

The vampire laughed. "You're okay. I'm Sally. Hi. The landlord's okay with decorating as long as it can be taken down and doesn't damage the paint. That's why I have a lot of masking tape holding things up."

"So... it's not short for sanguine-salivation or any pseudo-vamp nonsense like that? No 'children of the night' routine?"

"Oh heck no, I only got turned like ten years ago. Turns out that there's friendly butchers everywhere who can give you a to-go baggie."

"I don't do the blood thing," said Claire. "It's -um- very bright in here..."

"I know, I'm like a total valley girl and I love the sunshine." Sally toured closer to the window where there was hardly any curtains. The sun failed to burn her. Not even the slightest hint of smoke. "Turns out that vampires only burn when they're not well fed."

Sally had work at the same barista place that had just hired Claire. She showed Claire all the ropes and tricks on how to 'sparkle' even when the customer was being the nastiest example that humans could achieve.

Claire didn't know when she fell. But she knew it had happened in the moment when some particularly nasty examples decided to comment as they were both chatting whilst they made flat whites.

"Aw look, it's a fairy and a vampire."

"Actually," Sally turned and flashed them the full length of all her pearly whites. "I'm the vampire."

Neither of them had ever had such a big tip from such ignorant people before.

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