Oh, it's All So Nice...

There's an old comedy song and, like most old comedy songs, it hasn't aged well. I don't remember all of it because I have a mind like a steel seive, but the chorus has stuck with me.

Oh, it's all so nice in the nuthouse/ All alone in me little padded cell/ Oh it's all so nice in the nuthouse/ And the doctors and the nurses treat me well...

Today... promises to be one of those days where I wish someone else would put me in a nice, cosy, soft room and then commence to take care of all my worldly stresses for me.

Starting with: A 9AM appointment with the nice accountants so I can unfuck our tax nonsense and get on with what passes for my life.

Of course today's Instant will be late because of this. Also everything else I plan to post today.

I'm aware this is an inconvenience to some, but it's also a big drag for me, too.

Also, I pressed a wrong button or something and I no longer have the TAZ prompt I read early this morning. Dangit.

My life feels like a mess right now.