Oh boy

I have PLNs to go for the throat in today's Wordpress Wednesday. The throats of every entitled so-and-so who thinks that protecting everyone else by wearing a mask is too firkin much bother. Or a violation of their rights. Or too huge an inconvenience.

Fuck their nebulous "breathing condition". I'm coming for their arses.

How, you might ask?

By scripting a bunch of PSA's that I wish I could make if I had the money. If the government wants to use the resultant IP, I'm willing to charge them $500 per idea that they use. That's pretty firkin discounted because I think it's a message that needs to be out there.

It's sad that we need PSA's to teach people to be decent human beings, but here we are.

One of the talking heads had the excellent point - Your right to swing your fists ends with my face. Therefore their rights to not wear a mask ends with everyone else's right to be protected from the hellplague.

I can be downright vicious when the mood suits me, and boy howdy does the mood suit me.

A teacher at a private school came down with the Plague. Apparently, she thought she was safe travelling into the plague zones. Yikes. If everyone was wearing a mask down there, then Queensland wouldn't be back to Day Zero. Sigh.

Also in the news:

  • People who filmed themselves refusing to comply with public health regulations are shocked to find that they're now going to court and being fined for not complying with public health regulations
  • There's now a small crop of Bunnings Karens attempting to latch onto the original Bunnings Karen's fifteen seconds of fame
  • Family who held a big gathering during a time of plague now shocked to discover that fourteen people who were there now have the plague
  • The snake oil salesmen are coming out of the woodwork to claim they have cured the plague
  • Service level employees in popular shopping chains have to wear BADGES to remind the Karen Squad that said service level employees are also human beings

See why I'm going for the throat today? I feel firkin justified.