Now What?

Mayhem's home sick, all my meal plans went... "okay". As in, the food got et, so that was good.

I let Chaos fly the deep fryer, under supervision of course. And when I was certain she could handle it... my dear sweet darling child undercooked everything. Sigh.

Trotted out the tired old, "You didn't have time to do it properly, but you have time to do it again?" routine and finished the cooking in regulated bursts. Which seemed to work for Miss Chaos, because routine is everything on the ASD rainbow.

And it also means I have to check her work every two minutes, but... learning is progress on both sides.

The deep-fried dead pig went down a treat, and was immensely satisfying to the point where there's leftovers. Le Gasp. Considering the usual voraciousness of my family when it comes to delectible stuff, this is something of a calendar event.

I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with my body at the moment. My weight is shooting up, but I'm not doing anything fantastically different apart from having more fat. Both in the form of dead pig and assorted cheeses. On the other hand, I feel fabulous, so it can' be exactly bad. My health cannot be limited by one data point, etc. etc.

But I still feel it emotionally. Which could be bad for me on the mental platform. We'll see.

My wrists have almost gone back to not complaining about life, and I think a lot of that has to do with me learning to firkin relax about whatever I'm doing at the time.

Which, ironically, has reminded me of all the stuff I haven't posted over on my Patreon. Whoops. Good thing I haven't lost any Patrons, just yet.

Better get on that, now.