Nothing to do...

Spring Carnival - aka Melbourne Cup Season - is upon us, so my Beloved is spending some extra time in the office. Which means I won't see them for extended passages of time. This is the time of year when EVERYONE is at the betting emporium to have a flutter on the ponies, so it's the busiest time of year for my love, making certain the servers are serving all the needs and anticipating the flood of incoming bets on the Big Week and the Even Bigger Day.

Tomorrow, I might be in luck and be able to get the finishing touches on the cat run. Though I have some doubts. We just need to put some anchor points in at the feet of the bottom junction, but it's been procrastinated for a month, now.

Speaking of procrastination, I should get on with today's story so that I have the rest of this fine day to slob around and play with the kittens.

...which I am so far failing at doing because Peaceful Cuisine is almost hypnotic. I should just play some firkin music.