Challenge #02424-F234: Revolution Temporarily Postponed

"Ok look, I haven't eaten anything since this morning, and the meeting was THREE HOURS long, I'm sooooo stressed I just want to play punch something" -- Anon Guest

Is there anything more frustrating than a day that goes nowhere due to circumstances beyond your control? The boss buttonholes you for two hours about inefficiency. The staff meeting drags on as someone in the higher echelons demands a full explanation in small words of the exact, precise, fine details of the problem that literally everyone else there already knew how to solve. Then, once the explanation was finally accepted, the selfsame upper echelon representative pushes the entire meeting away from the one solution that would fix everything in the long term.

They preferred, instead, a series of small patches that would make everything more complicated for everyone and increase everyone else's problems for the immediate future and for potential years to come. No arguments against it would be heard. No explanations of how it would work were heeded. In the end, the vote was in this abominable decision's favour just because everyone else wanted to get some lunch. A lunch that was cancelled because the meeting dragged on thanks to the aforementioned upper echelon member's pontificating after the fact.

The first patch implemented crashed the workplace's network and efforts to reinstate connectivity dominated most of the afternoon, which was the natural cue for the upper echelons to insist that everyone work overtime to reach their quotas for the day. Revolution began to coalesce in the air when one of the upper echelon said something about the staff not being paid overtime.

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