Not a lot to report

I have finished transferring Clockwork Souls from Novl'r to Stackedit. And just as well, because something didn't like me using Novl'r on my lappy and the dang thing kept reloading just as it finished loading up. Made my life hell.

Other than that, there's a whole lot of nothing that's getting done around here and I'm loving it.

Of course, there's still cleaning and whatnot, because you can't have the smell of prawns in your house for a week. Euw. But other than that, I'm just enjoying the chance to hang out.

Now that Clockwork Souls is in a more countable format, I know I'm fifteen weeks ahead in the writing thereof, so I can ring in New Year's Day finishing off five hundred words and working towards ending the sixteenth week's word count.

Sometimes, spending time and effort on a shiny idea can pay off.

And I've found out that heat and humidity can effect my energy levels and breathing patterns. All this time, I thought it was my asthma or the chronic anxiety/depression combo that was stealing my breath. Nope. Just the muggy Queensland heat.

I'd move to drier inland areas, but there's no guarantee of internet or the help that Chaos and Mayhem need. And I'd get a dehumidifier/ioniser but the block for the AC window has fallen out and you can't dehumidify all of Queensland. Boo, hiss.

So I'd better get a move on with today, because I'm already feeling lackluster and breathing funny.