Me and my derpy, derpy head

I swear to sixteen heavens of choice that I actually posted that blog entry that just went up. I can't even find when it was supposed to be posted. I'm that firkin fogged.

I've been sleeping fine. It's the relentless waking up early that does it to me. And I've been trying to regulate myself but... I need an extra half hour or so after I wake up and that's not easy to accomplish or do.

And for that, there's coffee.

I'll do the tea thing tonight. That should help a great deal. Have a cuppa and zonk off.

Assuming I don't zonk off today.

Which is likely, because the seasonal heat just makes me want to aestivate the day away.

I have a honkton of coins to get counted from MeMum. She had a solid five kilos of shrapnel in her bag and she insists that she needs all of the huge weight in her bag all year. But when she defends herself, it's always the multitool and only the multitool that gets mentioned.

I don't get it.

But then, I also managed to get myself down to wallet, glasses case, and a few bare essentials because my body was not liking me for having weight on my shoulders at all.

In other news, I managed to (barely) make a one weeks budget last us two weeks, so whacko on that count. I owe my Friendo another chicken and the day is already too hot to walk to the shops, as evidenced by my summer sleep need.

And I really need to get my story for today done before I derp again.