New Starts All Over

I bullied my beloved into going for a walk in last evening. Turns out that I'm still tasty to mosquitoes despite my daily dose of vegemite soup with extra salt.

Yes. On LCHF, vegemite soup is not salty enough.

And this morning, we went on our walk before the heat kicked in for the day. Allegedly. The sun was sharp, the walk was hot. We went for the 'figure eight' around both blocks and I managed to keep pace with my love until the last leg. That's a win.

I was also wringing with sweat. Which was a great excuse for a polish1, shower, and rub-down.

Beloved and I have also invented a Ketogenic Sports Beverage. And it's super-cheap and super-easy.

Keto Sports
  • Salt Grinder
  • Measuring spoons
  • 600ml bottle
  • A decent enough sense of aim
  • 1 small squirt Lqd+ squeezy cordial flavour of choice(optional)
  • 1-2 Pinches of salt [that's the official measure 'pinch' on your measuring spoons]
  • 600ml of water
  • Put all ingredients in your bottle
  • Shake well

Serve chilled or at room temperature, it's all good.

The Lqd+ is pure polyputthekettleon and therefore not your thing if you're against chemicals. But, it is very strong cordial and only costs around $3 at your local Woolies for one tiny bottle that can plausibly last for months. Beloved just puts straight up salt into their bottle (bleh) for our walks. I prefer my salt in my morning soup.

But between Keto Sports and some lovely rare steak (and butter) I'm feeling loads better and not greying out when I have to get up suddenly. The downside? Too much can make your tongue feel like old leather. But the plus side to that is that you want to drink more fresh, clear water. Extra hydration!

Today, we're taking a trip down to Scenic Coominya to attempt to help my in-laws stay on Keto by kicking the fruit juice in favour of the aforementioned Lqd+. Which my Beloved insists on calling "the drops". If possible, we'll also quietly purge any spare sources of carbs we might see lying about.

And with that in mind, be wary of fake LCHF stuff. It will say it's 'Paleo' or 'Keto', but there's some easy signs that it isn't. Bananas are always a dead give-away, as are the inclusion of legumes, "whole grain" anything, or seemingly wholesome sources of sugar2.

Basically, the diet industry is trying to do to Paleo/Keto what it's already done to the Mediterranean Diet: Fuck it up so that it's essentially useless. They can't keep making money if you're actually healthy, you know.

And some time in the very near future, I will be convincing MeMum and her doctor that LCHF is actually the best thing no matter what the government says endorsing the opposite faction. I'm pretty much ready to go any day but today. A day that also includes estivation from MeMum because Australian Summer.

...and I have to get a wriggle on with my blog thing.

  1. Despite any claims to my being a robot, my weight loss has resulted in a great deal of loose flesh around the gut. Methods to help shrink all that loose skin include abrading rubs with a massage brush thing, which I refer to as 'polishing'.

  2. Which includes, but is not limited to: fresh-squeezed cane juice, maple syrup, agave, acai juice, evaporated juices, and natural honey.