My mornings are full

At least so far. The good news is that Chaos is taking a bus to and from school. The bad news is that I have to be home at a certain time to be sure that she's home safe and sound.

Good thing I already have a nice chair on the verandah. I can camp there with a lappy or a tablet and do something creative whilst I wait.

Beloved and I are making a helper site for all kinds of people. Since Coca-Cola and other sugar-based companies are doing everything in their power to get the LCHF lifestyle sunk... we're doing what we can to get it out there virally.

You can pay scientists to get whatever results you want. The method doesn't matter, so long as the conclusions are correct. The Tobacco industry knows this. They've been doing the three D's since the fifties.

But we all know that corporations can Deny, Delay, and Distract for so long, before they have to Decamp to easier prey avenues of addiction.

I don't want to ban sugar. I just want people to use it less. The same for all the carbohydrate stuff. As it turns out, there is a surprising amount of stuff that can be healed with a healthy diet. Grains and carbohydrates are not necessary for it.

We were supposed to go for a walk, today, but my legs are still hating me for the Resistance Training on Sunday. That, and Beloved stayed up too long, working on the helper site. So we took a day off.

With luck, we'll get used to all this exercise and not need so many days of rest.