Challenge #01490-D029: Prophecy From Another Dimension

You should write for Steemit...

Oh, that's right! You already do! Just "discovered" you there today... Having fun reading you, THANKS! -- @creatr

The message arrived via postcard under their door. They pondered over it for hours, because they had never written a word in their life. Everything was too busy. There was no time. There was no space to create anything in. Their space was a mere bed-sit[1] with cardboard walls and loud neighbours. It was the exact opposite of a writer's retreat.

But they had a laptop, which was the only source of entertainment they owned. Instead of hooking into online games or watching netflix, that evening, they looked up whatever Steemit was.

You could write anything you liked on there. Introduce yourself. Write about whatever you learned. Write about whatever took your fancy.

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